June 16, 2021


By Wendy Kaiser
Do you know what ingredient is missing from my face creams?
The main thing that makes my face creams different from most you'll find on the shelves or even in high-end brands...water!
All of my products are water-free, aka, anhydrous formulas.
For many reasons, I choose to exclusively formulate all of my products without water. WHY you ask?
1) Do you want to pay for water? I don't. Most products have water as the first ingredient. I would rather create my products with pure, whole botanical ingredients, and nourishing organic oils and butters to get you straight to their naturally potent inherent healing qualities. Filler ingredients can get in the way of their absorption.
2. Water means possible bacteria. One little drop in something that is not preserved correctly can harbor microbes that may cause skin irritations or worse. Why risk it? Without water, I do not have to introduce chemical or "natural" preservatives, emulsifiers, thickeners or fillers. You are left with pure, true ingredients in their least processed state, to provide a direct path to these healing botanical ingredients.
Many of these ingredients, including the oils, butters and healing botanicals are self-preserving and antimicrobial, and have a long shelf life.
BUT I encourage you to think of my products as food for your skin. They are most potent when used fresh!
So slather away and enjoy it now, and you will reap the maximum benefits of these beauties!