Our Story

Hi! I’m Wendy, the owner, formulator & maker of HANDS Organic Skincare.

Thank you so much for stopping by my shop! Here is a little about me, and why I do this.

I am a mother of 1, and a musician & artist with a long-held drive for creativity & learning. I've spent the last 30 years learning from my chronic illness, hand in hand with healing practitioners from various holistic modalities, including Homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine & Ayurveda. It is through these learning experiences that I developed an interest, trust in & love for medicinal plants
After the birth of my son, I began to see the relationship between toxins and our health, and set out on a mission to learn about the ways in which we are bombarded daily, through our food, water, air, soil & everyday objects and products.

I also became distraught and exhausted from reading the label of every product that goes both in and on my family's body, and feeling betrayed again and again by greenwashing.

Though I worked as a Master's Level Music Therapist for many years, I more recently felt drawn to helping others who, like me, are trying to facilitate a healing journey towards a non-toxic lifestyle while juggling the rest of life.

After years of making my own skincare and household products, the enjoyment translated into a business. I set out to create & offer natural, nurturing skincare that insists on using only minimally processed ingredients that come directly from the earth, so there is no question when you read the label what you are putting on your skin. 

What makes my skincare different is my strict definition of "natural", the ingredient choices I make, and the intentionally simple formulas I create. I use infusions from the whole plant versus essential oils, as this is how the healing constituents were designed to work together. I avoid the use of many ingredients that other brands may deem natural, considering each ingredient from health, ethical & sustainable standpoint.

For example, I intentionally avoid high-PUFA seed oils such as sunflower oil, because those will rapidly oxidize on the skin and cause free radical damage. I avoid most vegan waxes due to their noted ethical and sustainability issues. I won't use mica powder due to a combination of health & ethical concerns. I will not use isolated, synthetic or more heavily processed ingredients, including preservatives, emulsifers, parabens, fragrances or flavorings. I will never use palm oil due to the effects on our ecosystem and its inhabitants. And most notably, I don't use water, since this introduces the need for many of these ingredients.

Instead of promising unrealistic results, being driven by "beauty", or viewing the skin for what it lacks, I approach my formulas with a belief in supporting our skin and its inherent ability to heal itself. My products are designed to help facilitate the skin's natural processes, to nourish and provide daily protection. Skin care is a holistic endeavor that is synergized through not only what we put on it, but what we eat, the quality of our water & air, our stress levels, and overall health.

Understanding the interconnectedness of the health & quality of our air, water, & soil, it was second nature to make my brand utilize certified organic & fair-trade ingredients in minimal plastic-free packaging, and to strive to create a sustainably-run business from production to shipping.

I am fueled by the desire to help make the switch to clean, toxin-free body care an easy, accessible & joyful experience.

I continue my education regarding herbs and skin health with The Herbal Academy, studied potent herbal infusions with Kami McBride, continually study proper natural skincare formulation with Formula Botanica, completed a course on Botanical Gum & Resin Infusions with the Northwest School of Aromatic Medicine, and stay up-to-date on sustainable practices regarding herbs, ingredients & business practices.

I aim to do the least harm with every choice I make, and with that, continually audit the impact of my products and ingredients used in terms of the ethics, sustainability & carbon footprint.

I now use my business as a way to educate about Monarch Butterfly conservation, and have begun donating a portion of my sales to the cause with a special product collection.

I’d love to hear your story, and assist you in your journey with clean, minimal skincare! Please email me at handsorganic@gmail.com for assistance.