Body Powder with Clary Sage, Mandarin & Patchouli

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How about a simple and safe TALC-FREE herbal powder without any worries! Our multi-purpose dusting powder doubles as a dry shampoo!

Kaolin clay, tapioca, arrowroot powder annd silica-rich horsetail are here to help. Comforting clary sage brings a feeling of calm at the end of the day, and patchouli joins in to relieve any nervous tension.

Use for body after a bath or shower; as a dry shampoo; soak up sweat after a workout or during hot flashes. Use anywhere to prevent chafing. Soothe little bottoms, refresh the feet. So many uses, and a little goes a long way!



I cannot get enough Clary Sage. Something about its scent is calming, uplifting, & comforting. That is why I made it the feature in my simple & safe body powder.
You may know by now that classic talcum powder can be risky to your health, but who doesn't love sprinkling themselves with something light and refreshing after a shower or on a hot day?

To avoid the risk of talc and offer a product that is even safe for kids, I substitute arrowroot & kaolin clay as the body of my powder.

Clary sage is the star here, but I add kid-safe patchouli and mandarin to harmonize. These three scents combined promote a feeling of calm any time of day.
Top it all off with a plastic-free cardboard shaker and you have an easy health & planet-friendly swap!

Salvia Sclarea (from the latin meaning to feel well or heal) is a flowering perennial that grows beautiful purple flowers.
It has been used widely since ancient times through the Middle Ages for both external and internal issues.
Clary Sage (clary is latin for clear) has been ascribed various associations spiritually throughout the world, including in Ayurveda, where it is known to be balancing to all doshas. It has also been used for assistance in meditation, and has even had many culinary uses.
Containing the chemical properties linalool and linalyl acetate, is has powerful calming and grounding abilities.
It is also great for balancing sebum, absorbing excess oil, and soothing the skin. For these reasons, I use clary sage in my body powder, Blue Tansy clarifying face cream and Clarifying Mask.
Beneficial to both skin health & mood, clary sage can offer a deep sense of calm and help relieve nervous tension.

Ingredients: Kaolin clay, *Maranta Arudinacea (uarrowroot) powder, *Maniot Esculenta (Tapioca Starch) powder, *Equisetum arvense (horsetail) powder, *Salvia sclarea (clary sage) &  *Citrus reticulata (mandarin) & *Pogostemon cablin (patchouli) essential oils *organic


All HANDS products are anhydrous, meaning they are made without water. This allows formulations to be made without preservatives, emulsifiers or thickeners. As a result, these products may be a thicker/less watery consistency than commercial products with which you are accustomed. 
This also allows the active botanicals to be more available to your skin, and presents the cleanest formulas possible.
As a result, extra care also needs to be taken to not allow water to enter the jar. *Please see USAGE & CARE below.


All Skin Types
*Keep in mind our skin in always in flux, depending on your health, diet, lifestyle, quality of water you drink and use on skin, water intake, other products being used, weather/season, etc. so though we may give our skin these categories (normal, dry, oily, combination), it is important to pay attention to changes and support them accordingly in a fluid manner.
*Always spot test new skin care products to ensure no adverse reactions*


  • Plastic Free
  • Cruelty Free
  • Tree Nut Free


  • 6 oz Cardboard Shaker Tube


  • Safe for babies and children


  • Apply as needed by shaking powder into your hands or onto a powder puff, and gently rubbing onto skin where needed.
  • For shampoo, use powder brush or shake into hands and run through hair from roots to end to absorb excess oil & odor.


  • Keep out of direct sun & away from heat


  • Remove the label, throw in the trash
  • Place tube in your compost, or take to a composting facility near you